M.R. Angus Ranch was established in 1977 at Tie Siding, WY, by Juan and Joni Reyes. The original cow herd consisted of twelve registered Angus cows with Eileenmere bloodlines. Ranching at 8,000+ feet it was quickly realized that finding a cow herd with the right genetics and conformation was of upmost importance to survive at high altitude. After much consideration, the decision was made to expand by purchasing cows from the Fairview Ranch dispersal sale. Most of which were of Canadian breeding. Today’s herd consists of over 1000 head which can be trace back to those original bloodlines.

Our cow herd has proven year after year that it has maternal longevity and can adapt to tough environments. We continue to strive for quality, performance, conformation, fertility, and easy fleshing abilities that will work at any altitude.

The first part of May the cows will be sent to one of our summer places. The cows will calve on their own in the pastures.
MR Angus is pleased to have made BEEF Magazine's "Top 100 Seedstock Operations"  list.