Reyes Working Border Collies

Our dogs must prove themselves on ranch work before they become trial dogs.
They work all types of cattle.
Including: Pairs, Yearlings & Bulls
Our dogs work in big country & in confined spaces

Stud services available to Selective Bitches only.
At the 2018 annual meeting of the NCA, a new seies of awards was introduced for the National Cattledog Association.

The first inaugural recipient for the NCA Hall of Fame for Dogs was Juan Reyes' J.R. RED. To quote in part the from the award plaque, 'Red's tremendous abilities will live on in his descendants for many generations.'

In addition to the award ceremony, all of Red's descendants who were present at last night's meeting were gathered for a group picture, a total of 36 dogs present.

JR Meg and JR Lite. Mother and daughter

JR Zak and JR Pancho (Double bred Red Double bred Wisp) Father and son

JR Pancho and JR Dollar
Taking bulls across a creek

JR Red

  • Birth Date: 3/2/2007
  • Out of Luke x Queeny
  • Reserve Nursery National Champion 2010
  • Perpetuates his genes better than any dog I've owned.

JR Zak

  • Birth Date: 7/30/2008
  • Out of JR Red x JR Dot
  • National Champion 2010
  • Toughest working dog I've owned. He has inherited his mother's listening ability.
  • His pups are showing good potential and have his temperament.

JR Rum

  • Birth Date: 03/10/12
  • Out of Sam X JR Meg
  • Toughest Female we own
  • Sam X JR Meg is a Mating we are repeating after seeing performance
  • Nursery High Point Dog in the 2013 Outback Stockdog Series

JR Meg

  • Birth Date: 8/30/2009
  • Out of JR Red x JR Bet (litter mate to Mak)
  • Red x Bet cross pups are some of my better crosses.

JR Bet

  • Birth Date: 2/8/06
  • Out of Jim Chant Dot X Pap
  • One of our leading brood bitches
  • Good heel bite.
For Information on Reyes Working Border Collies, contact Juan Reyes: 307-322-4848 or 307-331-1568 or Email.
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